NAACP Unity Banquet deals with injustice

Teaching history includes even the parts that make people uncomfortable, says speaker

Teaching history – even the uncomfortable parts — is vital, said the speaker at Saturday’s NAACP Unity Banquet. Civil rights attorney Henderson Hill asked, “How can we make good policy without knowing the facts?”
Hill has spent decades as a public defender and campaigner against the death penalty. He told about 140 guests at the dinner that teaching what is called critical race theory is about getting a complete understanding of American racial history and how it affects society. He focused on the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which is widely understood to have ended slavery in the United States. He ended his talk by saying it actually led to a new form of enslavement.

Wayne County schools open next week for 2022-23

Wayne County schools will be back in session within the coming week. First student days are Monday, Aug. 8, for Centerville-Abington Community Schools, and Wednesday, Aug. 10, for Nettle Creek, Northeastern Wayne, Richmond Community and Western Wayne schools. For a look at what’s new in each district as the year starts, see the Aug.

Bands start contest season at Archway Classic

The top six bands in the 2022 Archway Classic are the same top six bands from 2021 — with a few flip-flops in placement. Anderson finished first with “Twisted Kilts,” featuring the music of Danny Elfman, including “Alice’s Theme,” “Tales from the Crypt” and “Beetlejuice.” In 2021, Anderson finished sixth, which is where 2021 Archway Classic winner Muncie Central ended up Saturday with its show, “The Road Home.”
Likewise, Wayne County’s top two finishers this year flip-flopped their finishes from 2021. Centerville, fifth in 2021, was fourth with “Safe,” in which the would-be robbers (otherwise known as the color guard) might crack the vault but they can’t get away from the police (otherwise known as the band). And Northeastern, fourth in 2021, was fifth with “What will your verse be?” The show follows the storyline of the film, “Dead Poets Society,” by challenging individuals to Carpe Diem (Seize the day) and develop their own story. In a repeat of 2021, Jay County was second with “A Bright Idea!,” play upon the American Industrial Revolution, and Winchester was third with “Cherish,” which explores the winter holiday season, right down to illuminated Christmas trees.

Centerville looking into splash pad

Organizations planning late July fireworks

Centerville officials announced they’re gathering information about potential costs for a splash pad, approved a late July fireworks display and urged residents to cut down their electricity use during peak hours and check their smoke detector batteries. Splash pad discussion
During their June 28 meeting, Councilman Jack Bodiker said he’s helping look into the installation and ongoing maintenance costs for a splash pad to entertain local families starting next year. He’s also talking with health department officials to gather information and then share those details with his fellow council members, town department heads and residents. Bodiker said once the costs are available, residents likely would be surveyed to gauge their interest before council makes a decision. Fireworks, movie,
run approved
All five members voted to approve community requests for three events in July.

Early College Program extended one year

Intermediate schools will have a STEAM academy

In a series of three meetings in a week, the Richmond Community School Board decided to continue the intermediate school Early College Program for one more year and move forward with creating a STEAM academy. The board and school administration had come under criticism from teachers in recent weeks over several issues, including an administrative decision to do away with the Early College Program for the coming school year. In that program, students who qualify from Test Intermediate and Dennis Middle schools are taken to Hibberd School for fifth through eighth grade. The program is being discontinued because the Richmond High School Early College Program is being discontinued. The state increased training requirements for faculty involved in that program and the school doesn’t have adequate staffing.

COMMENTARY: Blight, a few bad apples and complex challenges

Wayne County is a beautiful place with many cultural and natural assets, beautiful large historic homes, successful businesses, a great location in the Tri-State area about one hour’s drive from Dayton, Cincinnati and Indianapolis, and close proximity to a major interstate. But Wayne County shares a problem with most other communities – blighted properties. The reasons for blight are many – apathy, out-of-state landlords looking for a tax write-off lacking any community connection or pride, irresponsible landlords, and more. Some properties are vacant and unattended for years, deteriorating inside and out as time marches on. Blight impacts the property value for neighbors and can create safety issues in the community.

School Reunions

School reunions
>> The 112th Centerville Alumni Banquet will be at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 25, in the junior high cafeteria. Because of COVID restrictions, banquets weren’t held for two years, so the 60-year honorees will be the classes of 1960-61-62; the 50-year, 1970-71-72 and the 25-year, 1995-96-97. Reservations are due by June 15; call Rudy Toschlog, 765-855-2565; or Judie Schlotterbeck, 765-855-3346 or send email to >> Centerville High School Class of 1972 will have its 50-year reunion on the weekend of June 24-25. Invitations have been sent and reservations were due in May.

Purdue program gives students real world experience

Students design and make winning RC vehicle in partnership with Primex Plastics

When a group of engineering students at Purdue Polytechnic Institute accepted the challenge of building a plastic body for a radio-controlled model race car, they knew where to find help: Primex Plastics. Working in Primex’s advanced design and testing facility in Richmond, the Purdue Polytechnic team’s race car won a trophy in national competition sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers Thermoforming Division. Primex provided materials and equipment that helped the team’s entry win a maneuverability and stability test on a small track. SPE invited teams from across the United States to the competition, providing each with an 18-inch radio-controlled car without a body. Using plastic provided by Primex, the local students designed a body, stress-tested various plastics and then used a thermoforming process to make the shell.

Commissioners will discuss confidential trade records

There will be an executive session of the members of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners at 1 p.m. Monday, June 20. The meeting is for discussion of records classified as confidential by state or federal
statute; namely, Indiana Trade Secrets Act and related statutes, for purposes of reviewing quotes containing proprietary materials of the quoting vendor. That provision of the Indiana Open Meetings Act is often used to discuss matters related to economic development: the attraction or expansion of job-creating businesses. However, the notice does not state that. The meeting will be in the Commissioners/Council Chambers in the Wayne County Administration Building, 401 E. Main St., Richmond.